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Pack away your grooming brushes because all you need is Equibuff. This hardworking sponge does the job of many brushes. Equibuff gets rid of dried in mud, dust and dander. It erases sweat and saddle marks and is flexible and mild enough to use on your horses face and sensitive areas. It works great on moulting hair. You can also use it wet to scrub away ground in dirt and make your shampoo go further.

Equibuff Black

€ 8,00 Normale prijs
€ 4,80Verkoopprijs
  • Equibuff is a polyurethane sponge. Vacuum sealed.

    Weight incl packaging 59g

    Dimensions opened*: 205cm x 115cm x 60cm

    Dimensions Vacuum sealed: 288cm x 130cm x 10cm

    * This size can change slightly due to the vacuuming process

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