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Image of a rider on a chestnut horse. The horse is looking back towards the riders outstretched hand


Equibuff's creator, Niamh is a Irish horse owner, mom, and entrepreneur.

Since 1997, She developed many small successful businesses. In 2014 Niamh decided to sell her business to spend more time with her family and her horse.

After a couple of years off, she felt it was time to do something again, and wondered what she could do that involved her passion - Horses. This is when the idea for the Equibuff was born. Niamh contacted companies all over the world looking to find someone that would be willing work with her and bring her idea to life. This took two long years of development but they got there, and the rest as we say is history.

Why create Equibuff? - Niamh Rides and cares for her horse 7 days a week. Her hands on care and understanding of these incredible creatures is second nature to her. Equibuff was pragmatically created from this understanding, appreciation and respect making  this is the reason Equibuff stands out.

IRELAND - Hooves, Heartland, History

Horses arrived in Ireland long before it was an Island. The earliest evidence of the domesticated horse is from the early bronze age contexts at Newgrange Meath. Dates vary between sources but suffice to say these magnificent animals have secured a place in Irish history and hearts. Horses were used for Ploughing and farm work, transport and status,  battles, breeding and racing. In Particular the Steeplechase.

In 1752, Cornelius O'Callaghan and Edmund Burke were at a dinner in Buttevant castle. They made a bet to race between two steeples in Cork. Starting at St. Johns Church in Buttevant, to St. Mary's Church in Doneraile. The distance was 4 miles/6.4km , crossing countryside, streams and ditches. Still to this day the Steeplechase features at the most prestigious race gatherings in the world. Hooves, Heartland, History.

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